Jakk Fitton

The whole process was a wonderful experience for me. I was apprehensive about leaving my ‘baby’ in the hands of another person, but my fears were immediately put to bed when I saw how much work had gone into the edit and the accompanying report.

The editorial recommendations pulled no punches, but after implementing them, they truly transformed my book into a far better read. The editor’s report is far more than an added bonus. It highlighted the positives and negatives, while also backing up the insight with thoughtful explanations as to why the adjustments were important to the reader.

The editor gave me the confidence to pursue my dream and armed me with tips & techniques to improve my writing as a whole.

Saying it was worth the money would be an understatement. Thanks BubbleCow!

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By Gary Smailes - Co-founder at BubbleCow, helping writers to write, get published and sell more books. Google+ Twitter

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