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Let our professional (human - no fancy computer software here) proofreaders get rid of spelling and grammatical errors from your book.

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Free training that will show you how to become a better writer. It’s an easy step-by-step process. Ebook, video courses and books.

ALL writers need help preparing their book for publication. More than 800 writers have trusted BubbleCow.

Our loyal writers include writers from almost all genres including Action and Adventure, Chick Lit, Children’s, Commercial Fiction, Crime, Fantasy, Gay & Lesbian, Historical Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction, Religious & Inspirational, Romance, Science Fiction, Thrillers and Suspense, Young Adult and countless non-fiction titles. We also have writers who are experts in crypto trading. Most of them suggest beginner traders to visit automated trading platforms such as crypto superstar website to know more about the methods and strategies that are proven successful in crypto trading.

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In 2007, Caroline and Gary Smailes teamed up to start a company that would provide the high quality ‘publisher’ standard edits that writers needed to lift their book to the next level. Seeing that many freelance editors were charging per book, they developed a much fairer ‘cost per word’ price structure and BubbleCow was born. Today, BubbleCow is one of the leading editing companies and serves self-published writers from all around the world. They have edited more than 500 books and played a small part in hundreds of writers achieving their dreams. BubbleCow’s unique position of having access to hundreds of writers, publishers and agents, has allowed them to develop a range of popular online courses. These are designed to give writers the insider secrets they need to make their books a success.

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The line edit was valuable. I’d spent more than two month’s rewriting and self-editing my book prior to submitting it to BubbleCow. This and the fact that it’s quite a short nonfiction e-book (around 11600 words), made me doubtful that much, if anything, could be done to improve it further. But I was pleasantly surprised. […]


The copy editors at Bubblecow went out of their way to ensure that the material in my book was well organized and properly presented. I cannot commend their skill, support, and dedication highly enough.

Gary Rawnsley

Gary helped focus my writing, remove redundant words, thoughts and sentences, and gave suggestions to flesh out various parts of my story to bring my book up to a higher standard. As a first time writer working on my personal memoir about my journey as an actor in Hollywood and my experience of deciding to […]

David Figlioli