What people are saying about BubbleCow...

Aaron Fleming

I would like to thank you and the editor that worked on my manuscript. I was impressed by the thoroughness and detail of the edit. The editor’s report was very professionally detailed and was specific. It was also straight forward and easy to understand. The reports came back in a timely manner and I am impressed with bubblecow. I want to thank you and the editor again.

Joe Cain

The line edit was valuable. I’d spent more than two month’s rewriting and self-editing my book prior to submitting it to BubbleCow. This and the fact that it’s quite a short nonfiction e-book (around 11600 words), made me doubtful that much, if anything, could be done to improve it further. But I was pleasantly surprised. The editor’s corrections, especially the deletions, helped to sharpen the message and improve the flow. The decisiveness with which the corrections were made showed that the edit had been done by an experienced professional. The work was completed 4 days ahead of schedule. I was very happy with the service. Thank You.

Gary Rawnsley

The copy editors at Bubblecow went out of their way to ensure that the material in my book was well organized and properly presented. I cannot commend their skill, support, and dedication highly enough.

David Figlioli

Gary helped focus my writing, remove redundant words, thoughts and sentences, and gave suggestions to flesh out various parts of my story to bring my book up to a higher standard. As a first time writer working on my personal memoir about my journey as an actor in Hollywood and my experience of deciding to run away and join the circus, I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am that I chose the professional guiding light of BubbleCow editing. Personal, expert, professional editing service for anyone who is looking for the real deal to edit their book. Worth every penny.

Kat Slifer

I have just finished going through all of the edits and the comments. As you know, I was hesitant and anxious about editing my novel, especially since my last experience was less than the best.

After having gone through everything, I am blown away. Please please thank Denise for me. She was thorough and considerate in her edits (I love that she wrote comments explaining certain changes!) and pinpointed specific characteristics about my writing style that I did not know about (repetitive words, etc.). In addition, I found her comments on the actual story immensely helpful! She asked wonderful questions that I, as the author, did not realize needed to be answered or elaborated on. This was exactly what the manuscript needed.

Thank you so very much for all of your help during the decision making progress and a big thank you to Denise for doing such an amazing job. I feel so proud now to make the novel available for sale once more!!

Jen Lysenko

The feedback I received on my work was incredibly constructive. Plus, Gary is very quick to respond to emails, and has done a wonderful job answering follow-up questions. I highly recommend BubbleCow!

Jeff Bogner

This is my first attempt at writing a book. It is a bit different than writing papers for school so i sought out someone who was a professional, does this for a living. I wanted my first publishing to be as professional as possible.

After reading through the numerous corrections, it helped me identify where my flaws were and how to proceed with my next book.

Ginny Burges

Thank you BubbleCow for providing me with a comprehensive edit on my first novel, ‘The Virtuoso.’ From my point-of-view the practical application of SHOW don’t TELL was done in a kind and constructive way. Gary’s insights and feedback into all aspects of my novel and his experience as the reader have been invaluable in helping me to improve my work to a publishable standard. I would recommend their services to all writers.

Alexander Scott

All feedback was positive and constructive. They really encouraged me to continue writing and understood why I was saying what I was.

Steve Rose

There is no one aspect. Many cogent comments and insights were given from the reader’s point of view. This is just what I had been needing for many years. The service is invaluable and very professionally done. All editorial notes were honest and to the point. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Janet O’Kane

The reassurance that, yes, my novel needed more work but that it was worth the effort. Caroline combined encouragement with guidance and No Stranger to Death is a better book for her work on it.

Jakk Fitton

The whole process was a wonderful experience for me. I was apprehensive about leaving my ‘baby’ in the hands of another person, but my fears were immediately put to bed when I saw how much work had gone into the edit and the accompanying report.

The editorial recommendations pulled no punches, but after implementing them, they truly transformed my book into a far better read. The editor’s report is far more than an added bonus. It highlighted the positives and negatives, while also backing up the insight with thoughtful explanations as to why the adjustments were important to the reader.

The editor gave me the confidence to pursue my dream and armed me with tips & techniques to improve my writing as a whole.

Saying it was worth the money would be an understatement. Thanks BubbleCow!

C R Harris

The critique element of the report was invaluable. It brought clarification and insight as to what was needed to improve the book.

At the time you know you are doing the right thing buying an editors report - afterwards you realise how many doors open up for your book knowing it was edited professionally. The benefits of being able to put the name of a professional editing company on your copyright page should not be underestimated in the ability to open distributions outlets.

Mike Mahar

I’ve finished my first review of the edited book and have taken a couple of days for it to sink in. A re-read of the Editor’s Report is a daily event. I have wondered about the contribution an editor actually provides when I’ve read the effusive tribute in the ‘acknowledgement’ section of a novel. Now I know.

The level of detail is truly remarkable. I’ve read about and studied the techniques that you disclose. They didn’t hit home until you applied them to my work. Makes sense. When one reads about how to write they’re being ‘told’; through editing they’re being ‘shown’. I now detect these principles in novels I’m reading. Before I didn’t.

Thank you for breathing life into what was more outline than novel. I plan to continue to review the edited manuscript until I’m confident in following the guidance provided. What has been a lonely journey now benefits from new purpose, confidence, and direction. Your contribution will prove invaluable.

Ramona Flightner

The entire edit was extraordinary. The editor’s report was detailed and thought provoking, encouraging me to think about my novel in new ways and challenging me to improve my story, and thus the reader’s experience. The line edit was invaluable in pointing out where I had scenes with “tell” and too many adverbs. I was very impressed with the editing and I have had Bubblecow edit two of my books and also proofread the first one. I am not yet at the proofreading stage for my second book, but when I am, they will be my editors of choice. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and for their spot-on editing.

Alexander McNabb

Bubblecow edited my third serious novel, ‘Shemlan - A Deadly Tragedy’. Apart from a good clean edit of the MS and an amount of clear, relevant and useful advice and insight on how to polish a number of scenes in the book, the edit came back with a pretty brave but most definite piece of advice.

The book was constructed around a present day narrative with flashbacks to the protagonist’s time in Beirut back in 1978 and his subsequent life as a diplomat in the Middle East. These were interwoven with the main story, which details how he returns to Beirut in the present day, dying of cancer, to rediscover the love he lost when he left back in the seventies. His past catches up with him so quickly and with such violence it threatens to kill him before the disease does.

“Kill the flashbacks” said Bubblecow. “All of ‘em.”

Wow. That was 30,000 words of rewrite right there. It takes an editor with cojones to make a call like that. I rolled up my sleeves and did it, reasoning that as I’d paid good money for Bubblecow’s advice and experience, I might as well suck it up and follow their counsel.

I am very glad indeed that I did. They were right. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is about as much as you could ask of any editor.

Mark Alexander

The price seemed reasonable so I thought, Why not give them a try? I sent in the first book of my non-fiction series. The copy edit was great, catching much that many readers missed. And the suggestions to make the text clearer were spot on. I will count on BubbleCow for any ebook I want to publish from now on.

Rebecca Lewis

As this is my first book the edit was extremely useful. It gave me valuable technical advice, confirmed some of my own doubts about weaker points in the story and suggested ways to improve them. The comments were constructive at all times and I found it very encouraging. Thank you Caroline!

Michael La Ronn

I appreciated Gary’s developmental edit. He pointed out quirks in my writing that I didn’t know I had, and he improved my pacing substantially. I had never worked with an editor before until Bubblecow, and I found the experience to be professional and quick. Definitely worth the money.

V T Davy

Bubblecow helped me with copy editing my novel, A Very Civil Wedding. The process was simple and the results comprehensive. The copy edit was delivered on time as promised. It gave me confidence that my novel was heading in the direction I wanted it to go and encouraged me to amend parts of it that were not working quite so well. I would have no hesitation in using their service again.

Paul Oluikpe

I wish to say thank you for all the help and for editing my work. I found your edit very useful and insightful. First, you were able to highlight the structural issues in my work and enabled me refocus it. Second, you identified problems in narrative flow, helping me tighten the work. And third, you pointed out where the work was stronger and equally where it was weaker, serving to strengthen my grip on the entire narrative. Thanks for contributing to making this a success. I feel, through your input, I have been able to link all the chapters into one coherent whole.

Jamieson Wolf

Thank you BubbleCow and thank you Caroline for such an incredible, wonderful edit. I ‘ve been looking through it for a few days but tonight, I really started the edits. It’s incredible beyond words. I’ve been through edits with four different publishers for 44 different books(at 3 edits per book) and none of them have compared to the edit I received to my manuscript with BubbleCow.

Ali Almossawi

When I finished the first draft of ‘An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments’, I wanted someone to tell me how the prose came across and whether it was cohesive enough to provide value to the book’s target audience. BubbleCow did just that. I am grateful for Gary’s feedback, which undoubtedly helped improve the book.

Cody Hutton

What I feared the most when I sent my book in for the editing process would be a return slip saying that I had no talent. With Bubblecow not only did they encourage my efforts in writing but everything that I needed to work on was given with constructive criticism. They pointed out my strengths and my weaknesses and also offered resources to check into to further refine my book.

The breakdown of chapters, what was good and what was bad, not only gave me focus but also helped turn my book into something even more amazing than what I previously thought. I am in the finishing process of my final edit and with the help of Bubblecow even I can see an amazing difference between it and the rough draft.

Rose Cazares

The entire edit was of great value to me since my work needed many grammatical corrections. It could not have been a finished product without them. What I truly love and greatly appreciate is the complete editor’s report. I was not expecting such a comprehensive report. Judging by the detailed editor’s notes I can tell the meticulous attention to her work and the analytic process it took to make the suggestions she made.

I am beyond thrilled that I had BubbleCow edit my novel. Their edit has helped my writing tremendously. I can focus on the aspects of my writing that will polish up my book.

Elwin Gardner

BubbleCow was my choice and still is. My writing is not perfect but BC has been with me every step of the way and just maybe, together, we will attain perfection.

David Moneypenny

Your assault on my adverbs and back story was completely justified and much appreciated. However, the real value of your service springs from your imagination and instincts, and your ability to share them. Imagine, an editor who can show, not just tell.

L.D. Cedergreen

I can’t say enough how helpful my edit with BubbleCow was with the content of my novel, Ripple. The suggestions and ideas provided led to revisions that are now some of my favorite passages in my book. They were able to “see outside the box” that I was stuck in as I was too attached to my work. And the positive feedback kept my confidence as a writer in tact. Overall, I was given respectful, honest feedback! The edit was done in the time frame that was promised (maybe even a few days early) and the response to my questions was immediate. I will definitely be using BubbleCow for my future work!

Tim Mettey - Secrets: The Hero Chronicles (Volume 1)

Thanks for helping me get my book published. I have had 20,000 downloads in 2 1/2 months and is currently #5 in the UK for sci-fi.

Kris Hermans

Thank you so much for the feedback (What worked and what didn’t). That alone is so valuable to me. I’ve never had any training in writting and I’m Belgian so English is not my native language.

Mike Moreking

I have since been fighting with my manuscript to bring it up to scratch – based on your fabulous suggestions. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work that you have done. The report and your comments were immensely valuable. I dreaded your “absolutely brutal” feedback but to be honest, all your comments makes perfect sense and they weren’t that brutal after all.

Kate Dibb, author of Memories of a Lost Thesaurus

I have just read through her overview report (haven’t looked at the actual notes yet and will do later) and I am really encouraged. The editor tells me where I have parts which detract and which are not strong – but my main voice and, incidentally the one I was more convinced by as a writer, she is full of praise for. I think one of the main things I wanted to check by asking for an edit, was whether what I was writing was actually worth it – and whether there was potential or not. The editor really encouraged me by enthusing about one line of the story and then made the enthusing believable by being honest about the parts that didn’t work. That’s an insight I would not be able to have as the writer and I appreciate it deeply.

John Gillum, author of Big Bad Dog

BubbleCow is an essential service. Every time a writer self-publishes a poorly edited book it furthers the belief that self-published books are simply amateurish, vanity books. We owe it to other members of our community to make sure that our books are the best they can possibly be.

Matthew Watkinson

BubbleCow’s guidance remains the most helpful of all. They have the ability to read your work and come up with a suggestion that leaves you slapping your forehead, thinking “Of course!” Their thoughts have invariably improved my work and needless to say, I shall be Bubblecowing again very soon.

Chris Rickaby

BubbleCow know the fast-changing literary landscape inside out. The experience and contacts they have will improve any writer’s chances of either a first publication or improved sales and readership.

Ian Anderson, author of Knight

I was very pleased with your edits. As a general comment, may I say that I was gratified that you allowed me to be myself; rather than trying to force me into someone else’s compartment/style/…. This, coupled with the encouragement your provided along the way, made the whole experience rather special.

Jennifer Arfa, author of Brilliant Water

Your edit has allowed me to refine the writing of Brilliant Water further than I could have ever imagined. I can only say, “Thank you. I knew you were the guy for me!” Just amazing, all of your points…”

Nik Jones, author of 9987, published by Tonto Books

I didn’t like the thought of some stranger interfering with my book, I was, I admit, a bit precious. However, the process was massively useful – problems were highlighted that I didn’t know existed and insightful and creative solutions were offered. I even got praise for the good bits!

Steve Tandberg, author of Origins

Thank you for your spot-on advice. You found critical gaps in character development and plot that I had a hard time seeing with my author lenses. The novel shines much better now. I also appreciated your willingness to work with my financial situation. By breaking it up I was able to afford your desperately needed services. I am excited to self publish Origins.

Grant Williams, author of If At First

Thank you for your efforts. Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but I must say I am pleased with the results. I feel your review was well balanced, offering criticism and suggestions where necessary and praise when you felt it was warranted.

Marshall Coombs, author of Morris Malarky

Very many thanks for your report. I feel encouraged to rewrite and you have given me much to think about. Your comments are consistently constructive. May BubbleCow thrive!

JF Lourens, author of Running Robbers

I also want to thank you for the excellent service provided with both the edit and the proofread. I have just finished working through the proofreader’s notes, and am very happy with the final outcome of my novel.