Publishers That Accept Writers Without Agents: Legend Press

by Gary Smailes

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This is the latest post in a series looking at publishers who will accept submissions from writers, even if they are not represented by an agent. Please note that Legend Press may not be suitable for your work and I suggest you examine their website before submitting. They are based in the UK.

About Legend

Legend Press was set up in 2005 and is focused predominantly on mainstream literary and commercial fiction. The publisher is now the most successful independent in 30 years to start up with no capital and has recently launched its first non-fiction and business titles, along with a range of successful across-industry initiatives and joint-ventures. One of the fastest-growing independent publishers, Legend Press is passionate about championing new and high-profile authors and ensuring the book remains a product of beauty, enjoyment and fulfillment.

Using a mix of innovation, drive and passion, Legend Press has set the bar for small independent publishers. Our team run a number of successful projects, a new business imprint and fellow publisher Paperbooks.


Submissions of novels are very welcome. We publish a diverse list of contemporary adult novels for the mainstream market.

Please note that we no longer accept short stories as part of our Legend Press Short Story Reinvented Series. Details on submissions for further collections will be posted on site.

If you think your novel would fit our list please email 3 chapters as an attachment to [email protected], including a detailed synopsis and covering email. Please don’t send us your work before it is completed.

We will attempt to respond to your submission within 3 to 4 months, but with the level of submissions received, please be patient with us! Also please note that we do not accept hardcopy submissions, and cannot return any that are received.

Details of our annual Luke Bitmead Bursary can be found on our website.

You can find out more at the Legend Press.

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