How To Get Published

How to find an agent and then not blow your one chance to get published…

All writers know just how important a good proposal can be, but do you know what agents and publishers really want to read?

Do you know how to find an agent?

Is that book proposal proving difficult to write?

It’s time to take your writing seriously and learn how to get published.


If you are seriously thinking about trying to get your book published then you will need to consider trying to secure the services of an agent. But do you really need an agent?
Do I Need an Agent?

OK, let’s assume you do want an agent. The problem is that it’s no easy task to find an agent who is willing to represent your book. Here’s a guide to the best way to find an agent…
How Do I Find An Agent?

Book Proposal

It makes no difference if you are looking for an agent, or submitting directly to a publisher, you are going to need to write a book proposal.
How To Write A Successful Book Proposal

Many writers forget just how important a query letter can be in securing a book deal. This article will give you a step-by-step guide to writing a query letter.
How To Write A Query Letter


Still not convinced about the whole book proposal/query letter thing? Well here’s a breakdown the query letter that BubbleCow’s very own Gary Smailes used to secure a four book deal.
The Query Letter That Won Me An Agent And A Four Book Deal (And Why It Was So Successful)

Finally, it is becoming increasingly important for writers to develop an on-line presence. This will not only attract readers, but also potential publishers. Here’s how to build your own on-line platform.
What Is The Point Of Writing A Book If You Have No Online Presence?

Learn To Write A Book Proposal That Agents Will Love…

With the How To Write A Book Proposal course you can say good bye to amateur book proposals and hello to book proposals that will turn you into a professional writer.