Are you Looking to sell Your Book’s International Publishing Rights?

There’s a grey cloud hanging over the publishing industry, and I don’t mean the doom and gloom as speculation mounts over the future of books. Nor am I talking about the phenomenal of that well-known (and much derided in some quarters) trilogy. I’m referring to the grey areas of publishing that are regarded as somewhat of a dark art by authors - namely book rights and submission timing.

It’s fair to say that the publishing market is changing all the time, new trends pop up and publishers react accordingly (just look at the spate of self-published erotica being snapped up by traditional publishing houses since Fifty Shades). But the question remains can you ensure that your timing of submission is right to hit a particular trend whilst being in the best position to monetise the international and subsidiary rights to this work?

We believe the answer is yes but that for far too long it has often been out of reach for the majority of authors, particularly those who might want to stay indie.

So let’s take a look at how we, at IPR License, can help to shed a bit of light on these grey areas.

First step is simple – sign up.

This is immediately followed by why?

In essence IPR License helps you to…

  • Make money from licensing your works in different formats and countries.
  • Know your rights to learn how to monetise your literary rights effectively.
  • Showcase your writing to publishers and agents around the world.

Once you’re a member you can begin to upload your work.

When signing up to our global platform we immediately make your work part of an online database of available rights. You can also choose if you want to upload your manuscript for 3rd party evidence of copyright registration.

The fact is that the sales of international and subsidiary rights make up a large proportion of a book’s income for publishing houses, yet most authors will only consider being published in their own country or language. Showcasing your work to a worldwide publishing audience can open up a number of doors to international, as well as domestic markets, which may previously have appeared out of reach.

We reverse the submission process:

Joining IPR License means that your work is part of our database for a full year.

By giving publishing houses and editors extensive online search facilities they can come looking for work that fits the gap in their list rather than you having to hope that you’re hitting the editor’s desk with your submission at the optimum moment. This helps level the playing field for indie and self-published authors.

IPR License can facilitate important relationships

We also send out regular bulleting to to over 3,000 publishers (not just our members) highlighting the projects we have available, both from member publishing houses and our indie/self-published authors and we pass on any interest we receive.

We’re also constantly building and updating information on each of our member publishing houses so that we know what they’re looking for at any one time and can direct them to work we think might be suitable. And thanks to our extensive trade publishing experience we can help facilitate these relationships.

Attract global interest in your work

We can’t guarantee you will sell your work but we do firmly believe that joining us will give you the best opportunity to really capitalise on the potentially lucrative international rights market.

And as a special offer if you contact us at [email protected] with the code Bubblecow25 you will receive a 25% discount on your first year’s membership for those signing up before 1 May 2013.

IPR License launched in 2012 and is the global, digital marketplace for authors, agents and publishers to list and license book rights.

Please note this is a guest post written by IPR License.

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