Amazon Upload Service

Your ebook converted, uploaded to Amazon and your Amazon page optimized for book sales.

Are you looking to get your ebook up for sale on Amazon but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you know what to do but just don’t have the time.

Our new service will see us doing everything you need to end up with your ebook for sale on Amazon. You just send us your Word document and cover, we will then convert to digital format (mobi), upload to Amazon and write your Amazon sales page using our experience on how to optimize for book sales.

Cost: $99

PLEASE NOTE: We will NEVER take a cut of your books sales. This service is a one off payment. You continue to own the Amazon page, we simply access your account, do all the donkey work and then give it back all working.

At BubbleCow, we speak to writers all the time. These are mostly, but not always, self-publishing writers. The one question I try to ask all writers is, ‘What’s your pain? What’s making your writing life more difficult than it needs to be?’

The problem many writers face is that the task of uploading your book is simply intimidating. At times it looks as though Amazon have gone out of their way to make the process as complex as possible. You are faced with a bank of options but very little explanation. What happens if you put in the wrong thing, will it stop your book selling? What about pricing? Let’s not forget the Product Description.

As it stands the only real option you have is to do it yourself. For some writers this is the perfect option, but for others it is the worst option possible. Yes you can fill out the form, set your pricing, upload your book check the formatting is correct, define your territories, add the information to the categories, list your contributors and write your Product Description, but it is not easy. It is a headache that will get in your way and stop you publishing. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention the horror that is defining your book’s category! That’s certainly not something you want to get wrong.


We are able to take your Word document and get it up for sale on Amazon without you having to do anything more than help us understand what your book is about.

This service provides:

  1. We will hand convert your book from a Word document into a format that Amazon loves (mobi). We will also produce an epub version free of charge.
  2. If needed we will even set up an Amazon account on your behalf (you own it we just do the leg work).
  3. We will upload your book to Amazon and check it appears correctly on ereaders.
  4. We will (with your input) write the Product Description, set the book’s price and fill in all the other stuff to make your Amazon page as sexy as possible. Don’t forget we speak to lots of writers and know loads of sneaky tricks and tips to optimize your sales. For example, did you know that potential readers can only see reviews from the country they are buying? What happens if you have a good review on the American site but not the United Kingdom site? Well the answer is to copy the review into the Product Description, which is the same on each site. This way potential readers from any country will see the review.

The aim is to make it super easy for you. We want to remove the pain and anxiety that goes with the publishing process and allow you to do what you do best, which is writing.

How long does the process take?

We aim to have your book live within a week of payment, if not sooner.

Do BubbleCow get a cut of future sales?

NOOO! It is your book and we use your Amazon account to upload. This way you get to keep all the juicy profits.

What is the cost including setting up an amazon page?

ZERO! This is included in the price of the service.

What is DRM?

This is Amazon’s inbuilt system that means your book can only be read on Amazon devices. You can opt to turn this on or off. To be honest, this is a personal choice.

Writing the blurb - is this based on an outline, synopsis or will you be actually reading the book?

Good question - We have a five question system that allows us to build a synopsis. From this will we write a blurb that will appeal to the target reader. You have input at every step. Our aim is to produce a Product Description that will attract readers.

Book Cover art - just curious if you provide this service or have recommendations?

We don’t have offer this at the moment but would suggest:

Ned at

Derek at

Ant at

Kura at

Joel at

“I would really like to thank you for the fabulous work that you have done. The report and all the comments were exactly what I needed to improve the book. I dreaded your “absolutely brutal” feedback but to be honest, all your comments were an eye opener for me, they make perfect sense and weren’t that brutal after all. Thanks ever so much and look forward to sending you my next book.”

Mike Moreking

“BubbleCow is an essential service. Every time a writer self-publishes a poorly edited book it furthers the belief that self-published books are simply amateurish, vanity books. We owe it to other members of our community to make sure that our books are the best they can possibly be.”

John Gillum, author of Big Bad Dog

“Your edit has allowed me to refine the writing of Brilliant Water further than I could have ever imagined. I can only say, “Thank you. I knew you were the guy for me!” Just amazing, all of your points…”

Jennifer Arfa, author of Brilliant Water

“Thank you for your efforts. Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but I must say I am pleased with the results. I feel your review was well balanced, offering criticism and suggestions where necessary and praise when you felt it was warranted.”

Grant Williams, author of If At First

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