The Writing Manual

The goal of this project is to create a manual that shows writers the best way to produce engaging books that readers want to read.

We want to produce more than just another book on writing. We want to create a manual for the modern self-publishing writer. It will be a combination of the skills and techniques we teach via our editing service, together with insights from other writers.

The book is still being written but we want to do something different with this project. Our intention is to gather readers as we go and give them access to the earliest drafts. In the process allowing them to feedback their thoughts and influence the overall development.  The process will be pretty simple. Anyone signed up to the project will receive access to each draft of the book, free of charge. This will mean you will get to read the pre-proofread, pre-edited version of the book and then tell us what it needs to make it better.

If you want to get involved, just register a free account by hitting the button.

What people are saying about the book...

I read this book once went back and worked on re-writing my Novel and then came back and read it again. I gained more form it the second time. I will probably read it again before I’m done. This was the most helpful book on writing I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed it. -- Charla

Thanks for this resource – it’s brilliant. I’ve had many ideas for stories, but when I’ve written them down in the past, they’ve been exactly as you’ve described – flat and boring. Here you have explained very simply they key to breathing life into them. -- BlackHatWriter

This really is good stuff. -- Alan Ezekiel

This whole section really resonated with me, I’ve heard (as we all have) the mantra show don’t tell repeated so often but rarely is it made clear how to do this. The example of John and the dogs was what crystallised it for me. It’s like solving for X, rather than being given the answer from the start. -- Celine

Hey, these are really amazing and helpful articles/chapters you have here. I am in the process of completing a novel and this has enabled me to see my work in a new light. Thanks! -- Tim

This is the best explanation I’ve ever read about how to write description. I have problems describing people, so I often forget to put in any description of certain characters. This chapter gives me the confidence to write some short descriptions and not worry so much about my words being inadequate or amateurish. I thought my descriptions had to be more flowery or arty. -- Nancy Ashton

I concur! this book is very clear and easy to follow. it’s like everything i wish i knew back when i first started writing many years ago. i especially like the added humor (e.g. ninjas on mutated unicorns lol). i enjoyed reading it and look forward to getting a copy someday once it’s released. - DC

Have to say I’m really enjoying reading they manual and am finding the information really well presented and extremely valuable to a novice novelist. -- Damian Hackett

Gary, this is a super aid to writing better, more attractive and compelling prose. Now I have a much better idea where to start with re-working the first draft of my novel. A huge thank you. I look forward to seeing the completed tome. -- Sally Rose