Intensely Accurate Error Checking That Will Leave Your Book Ready For Publication

$6 per 1000 words

Professional proofreading that will correct mistakes within your book - leaving you in control to publish with confidence.

We will:

  • Find and fix typos.
  • Correct the grammar.
  • Check your book twice, just to make sure!

How many times have you read over your writing, convinced it was ready to go, only to spot a glaring mistake in what seems like seconds?

We all make mistakes. After all, we’re only human.

Now think of all those words you’ve typed while writing your book. We’re talking at least 50,000, if not double that. It’s almost inevitable that a handful of typos will have slipped through, no matter how careful you are.

The cold hard reality is that an error-ridden manuscript won’t give off the best impression. It’s your duty as a self-publishing writer to make your book the best it can be. This is a golden age for writers and you are a pioneer. If you do this correctly, if you publish with dignity, attention to detail and professionalism, you have a chance to really make a difference. If self-publishing is to become a viable option for future writers we need to get it right now. Only by convincing readers that self-published books can be as good, if not better than, traditionally published books, can you pave the way.

It’s well documented that many agents have rejected books because of typos. But imagine the horror of self-publishing your book, only to find too late that it contains mistakes.

… Worse still, imagine what the reviewers would say.

Worse still, what will readers think? These are the only ones that really matter – the people who have parted with their hard earned cash just to read your book.

We CAN help you to avoid this pain.

Here’s a secret about the people who make their living checking books for errors. They are weird.

I don’t mean dress-up-as-a-bunny-rabbit weird.

See, normal people like you and me will look at a block of text and say, ‘Yeah looks great to me.’

However, proofreaders will look at the same text and ‘feel’ the errors.

I’m not joking…

They have this error-spotting super power thing going on.

So, let me keep it simple. Our proofreaders will check over your book and correct grammar and spelling issues.

Actually, I’m lying. Our proofreaders will not read your book once, but TWICE.

The single most important aspect of our proofreading service is that we look at each word of your book AND then fix any problems.

One question we get asked a lot is how do we know what is right and what is wrong?

The answer – Style Guides.

Style guides are big old books that tell our proofreaders the correct grammar and punctuation.

Depending on the country of publication, the style guide will differ. If you intend to publish in the US, we will use a US style guide. However, if you are preparing your book for the UK, then we will use a UK style guide.

“BubbleCow is an essential service. Every time a writer self-publishes a poorly edited book it furthers the belief that self-published books are simply amateurish, vanity books. We owe it to other members of our community to make sure that our books are the best they can possibly be.”
John Gillum, author of Big Bad Dog
Professional Spelling And Grammar Check Includes…
  • Line-by-line checking that will produce an error free manuscript.
  • Tracked changes that allow you to remain in control of what gets changed.
  • 21 working day turnaround.


“I didn’t like the thought of some stranger interfering with my book, I was, I admit, a bit precious. However, the process was massively useful - problems were highlighted that I didn’t know existed and insightful and creative solutions were offered. I even got praise for the good bits!”
Nik Jones, author of 9987, published by Tonto Books.
Cost Of Spelling & Grammar Check

We charge just $6 per 1000 words.

  • 10,000 words = $60
  • 50,000 words = $300
  • 100,000 words = $600

At BubbleCow we understand that each writer’s needs are different, and therefore we have a minimum word count of just 5000 words. This means that you can send a short sample to ‘try out’ our editing service.

We aim to return the completed manuscript within 21 working days, if not sooner. Upon payment you will be sent an email with the latest date on which your book will be returned. However, as a rough rule of thumb you should allow a full calendar month.

What You Do Next…
  • 1. Complete the form BELOW.
  • 2. We answer any of your questions and, when you are happy, send out an email invoice to the email you provide.
  • 3. You make payment via our secure PayPal server (you can do this with a card and no PayPal account).
  • 4. We complete your proofreading within 21 working days of payment.
  • 5. You receive an email with the corrected document.
  • 6. You send back any feedback or questions and we answer them.

Fill out my online form.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to make sure that it’s BubbleCow that’s taking all the risk, not you.

Therefore, we make a simple promise: If our edit fails to improve your book we will give you your money back.

“BubbleCow know the fast-changing literary landscape inside out. The experience and contacts they have will improve any writer’s chances of either a first publication or improved sales and readership.”
PR expert, Chris Rickaby

“BubbleCow’s guidance remains the most helpful of all. They have the ability to read your work and come up with a suggestion that leaves you slapping your forehead, thinking “Of course!” Their thoughts have invariably improved my work and needless to say, I shall be Bubblecowing again very soon.”
Bestselling self-published writer, Matthew Watkinson.

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