Top 10 Books Trending on Twitter This Week

Below is a list of the top trending books on Twitter from week commencing April 28 – 04, 2014. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Blood of Olympus, The (The Heroes of Olympus) by Rick Riordan. Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) by Ruth Silver. Hop on Pop (I... Read full article

The Complete Guide to Non-Fiction Books Genres

At some point in every writer’s career they will have to pigeon hole their book into one non-fiction book genre or another. This might be for an agent or publishers, or simply to ensure that it is categorized correctly on Amazon. Below is a complete list of NON-FICTION book genres.... Read full article

We are Hiring Two Developmental Book Editors

We are looking for two developmental book editors to work with our team at BubbleCow. You will work remotely (that means you can sit at home in your underwear and edit, if that’s your thing) and on a freelance basis. We don’t care where you live in the world, as... Read full article

The Insider Guide to What Agents Need to say yes to Your Book

Andrew Lownie, the best-selling literary agent in the world according to Publishers Marketplace, and recently short-listed for The Bookseller UK literary agent of the year, explains how the agency goes about selling its authors. There are three elements to selling books to publishers. An agency needs to have saleable books... Read full article

Interview With Alan Garner

It was a cold and gloomy winter morning in the North West of England. As I drove through the suburbs of Liverpool, my thoughts suddenly flicked to the opening scenes of a book I had read as a child. Elidor is a magical adventure, set in the back streets of... Read full article

Why A Writer With An Agent Decided To Self-Publish

  A writer with an agent decides to self-publish? Really? Are they mad? Well, that’s what Alexander McNabb decided was the best option for this writing career. Below is a guest post where he explains why he decided to self-publish and outlines what he learnt in the process. Keep your... Read full article

The Inspiring Story of a 14-Year-Old Self-Published Writer

It isn’t a secret that getting traditionally published is becoming harder. My novel Essence was rejected thirty-nine different times when I started sending out query letters at the age of fourteen. Almost three years were spent compiling rejections only to become discouraged even though I knew my novel was getting... Read full article

5 Quick And Dirty Tips For Publishing an Ebook

If you’re an avid writer or blogger who has not yet thought about publishing an eBook, you’re missing an opportunity to generate a lot of new readers and some serious exposure to your work. With devices like the iPad and Kindle being readily available and well-liked, eBooks are becoming far... Read full article