Copy Editing

Writers get waaay to close to their own writing, its just one of those things.

It makes no difference if you are writing for a book publisher or self-publishing, it becomes impossible for even the best writers to see, not only small errors, but even huge plot holes that will gobble up and engulf unsuspecting readers.

BubbleCow’s COPY EDITING see a professional and handpicked editor identifying and correcting structural and technical problems within your book, all within 21 days – in the process lifting your book to a publishable standard.

Writing A Fiction Book Proposal

You get just once chance when submitting your book to an agent — why risk screwing it up?

It often impossible for writers to work out exactly what an agent is looking for in a good book proposal. Well, we can help. Our online course contains more than 20,000 words that will help you write a killer cover letter, kick the ass of your synopsis and fine tune that extract. In fact, our proven book proposal system will teach you everything you need to know about writing a professional book proposal.

Ebook Conversion

Look — I know it should be easy to convert a Word or Pages document to pdf/epub/mobi, but it ain’t.

It is possible to convert using free tools, but do you really have the time to learn a set of new skills, just to convert your book? And what happens when you want to do something tricky and it all goes pear shaped? Our book conversion service will take your raw document, have a professional convert it by hand and email you a set of ebooks that you can upload to all major distributors (you know Amazon, Apple and that lot).