Simple pricing for book editing.

There are no hidden extras! We also NEVER own any rights to your book. Books submitted to us are never shared with anyone other than your editor.

Word Count $10 per 1000 words
10,000 words $100
50,000 words $500
100,000 words $1000

“Thank you for your efforts. Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but I must say I am pleased with the results. I feel your review was well balanced, offering criticism and suggestions where necessary and praise when you felt it was warranted.”

Grant Williams, author of If At First

Commonly Asked Questions

How long will the edit take?

We aim to return your edited manuscript with 21 working days. However, it all depends on your editor. We pick the best editor for each job and their workload will dictate the turnaround time. What we will do is provide you with a target delivery date.

Will you correct ALL spelling and grammar mistakes?

No! What we will do is remove all the mistakes that we find, but this is not a proofread. In fact, proofreaders are not the same as editors, since it is a very different skill set. In addition, our edit will trigger you to rewrite sections of your book. Even if we did remove all errors it is inevitable that rewrites would add more (human nature and all that). Therefore, we always suggest that a writer carries out a proofread AFTER the edit and rewrites.

My assigned editor is English and I am American, is this a problem?

No. Editing is a universal skill and editors are chosen for their experience in your genre, rather than their location. They will, however, apply the style manual most suitable for the country of publication.

Once I have had the book edited will the editor look at the changes?

It depends. We don’t carry out second edits. The reason for this is that we will say everything we can to add value to your book in the first edit. Even with significant rewrites it is probably just not worth you paying for an additional edit from the same editor. This said, we are happy to talk to you and even give general feedback on significant alterations. We see this as a long term partnership.

I need a cover designed, can you help?

Not directly, but we can link you up with designers that we have used in the past.

Do you accept all genres?

No. We accept most fiction genres and all major non-fiction genres. Below is a list of the genres with DON’T accept:

  • Poetry.
  • Short stories.
  • Highly technical non-fiction.

Do you accept all writers?

No. We accept about 90% of the manuscripts that are submitted. If we feel your work is not yet at a stage were our editing will provide the maximum value we will return the manuscript to you. This most commonly occurs when English is not the writer’s first language.

Do you keep the copyright?

NO! We are simply a service. You pay us, we make your book better. At no point do we take ANY rights. ALL rights remain yours at all times.

I have a question, what should I do?

Go to the contact page and fire us an email.

Some Books Edited by BubbleCow

Since 2007 we have edited more than 500 books. Below is a small selection…

What people are saying about BubbleCow…

“Thank you for your efforts. Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but I must say I am pleased with the results. I feel your review was well balanced, offering criticism and suggestions where necessary and praise when you felt it was warranted.”

Grant Williams, author of If At First

“Your edit has allowed me to refine the writing of Brilliant Water further than I could have ever imagined. I can only say, “Thank you. I knew you were the guy for me!” Just amazing, all of your points…”
Jennifer Arfa, author of Brilliant Water

“I didn’t like the thought of some stranger interfering with my book, I was, I admit, a bit precious. However, the process was massively useful - problems were highlighted that I didn’t know existed and insightful and creative solutions were offered. I even got praise for the good bits!”

Nik Jones, author of 9987, published by Tonto Books.

“I was very pleased with your edits. I think the following were the biggest pluses for me:

Firstly, the ‘mechanics’; where:

  • A fresh pair of eyes sees what is actually written, rather than what the author thought he had written (and still sees, even though it isn’t there),
  • Things I just didn’t know (formatting, capitalisation, etc.)

Less quantifiable, but equally important (perhaps more so for the ‘story’); the ‘critical’ perspective, which reacts to things that ‘jolt’, eg:

  • Changes of location without adequate explanation (I know what’s happening, but forget that the reader doesn’t).
  • Inadequate character description (I have the image in my head, but, as yet, the reader doesn’t).
  • Too much explanation (I’ve already said it, so don’t labour the point, or perhaps, as you said several times, trust the reader to ‘get it’, and thereby, become more involved).

As a general comment, may I say that I was gratified that you allowed me to be myself; rather than trying to force me into someone else’s compartment/style/…. This, coupled with the encouragement your provided along the way, made the whole experience rather special.”

Ian Anderson, author of Knight

“BubbleCow know the fast-changing literary landscape inside out. The experience and contacts they have will improve any writer’s chances of either a first publication or improved sales and readership.”

PR expert, Chris Rickaby

“BubbleCow’s guidance remains the most helpful of all. They have the ability to read your work and come up with a suggestion that leaves you slapping your forehead, thinking “Of course!” Their thoughts have invariably improved my work and needless to say, I shall be Bubblecowing again very soon.”

Bestselling self-published writer, Matthew Watkinson.

“BubbleCow is an essential service. Every time a writer self-publishes a poorly edited book it furthers the belief that self-published books are simply amateurish, vanity books. We owe it to other members of our community to make sure that our books are the best they can possibly be.”

John Gillum, author of Big Bad Dog

“I have just read through her overview report (haven’t looked at the actual notes yet and will do later) and I am really encouraged. The editor tells me where I have parts which detract and which are not strong - but my main voice and, incidentally the one I was more convinced by as a writer, she is full of praise for. I think one of the main things I wanted to check by asking for an edit, was whether what I was writing was actually worth it - and whether there was potential or not. The editor really encouraged me by enthusing about one line of the story and then made the enthusing believable by being honest about the parts that didn’t work. That’s an insight I would not be able to have as the writer and I appreciate it deeply.

The editor has made me believe my writing is worth taking the time to edit and hone - which I was doubting before. I am already whirling with ideas about how I might address the weaker parts.”

Kate Dibb, author of  Memories of a Lost Thesaurus

I have since been fighting with my manuscript to bring it up to scratch – based on your fabulous suggestions. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work that you have done. The report and your comments were immensely valuable. I dreaded your “absolutely brutal” feedback but to be honest, all your comments makes perfect sense and they weren’t that brutal after all.

Mike Moreking

Thank you so much for the feedback (What worked and what didn’t). That alone is so valuable to me. I’ve never had any training in writting and I’m Belgian so English is not my native language

Kris Hermans