Do You Need Help With Your Book Proposal?

Writing a killer query letter, synopsis and extract can be very tough.

At BubbleCow, we have always helped writers using our copy editing service to prepare their books for submission to agents and publishers. It is part of the service.

In recent months I have found myself increasingly using Google+ hangouts to help writers to solve their book proposal problems.

This gave me an idea…

Why not help more writers by adding a free online seminar to our book proposal service?


Our Book Proposal Service now consists of the following:

  • Access to our 20,000 word online guide called ‘How To Write A Book Proposal’.
  • A pdf version of this course, which you can download (we can do this in epub if there is demand).
  • A free 30 minute seminar (via Google+) in which I address your book proposal problems.
  • A personal assessment (by me) of your final query letter.

This is still pretty experimental, though I am convinced it will add huge value.

We will only be offering the service, in this format, on a trial basis.

When I asked around the office, and chatted to a few writers, it was suggested that the cost of the service should be around the $150/£100 mark — but I am not convinced.

Therefore I have pulled rank. For the trial run the cost will be just… $40/£25.

I will run the first seminar later this week.

But here’s the catch…

Google+ hangouts are limited to ten places.

So… to keep it fair. This offer is open to the first 10 people to get in touch.

If you are keen to get involved, pop your email in the box below.

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